Did you know that many police departments are required to provide a “VERIFIED RESPONSE” (VR), and DO NOT respond to traditional alarm systems that do not have VIDEO or AUDIO confirmation?

What does “Verified Response” mean?

Verified Response means that alarm companies are required to provide an eyewitness such as a private guard responder or AUDIO OR VIDEO OF A CRIME IN PROGRESS to verify that a crime has or is occurring before police may be dispatched.

What happens if my traditional alarm goes off?

Most alarm companies will send out a guard. Responding guards must obey all traffic laws, including stopping at red lights, and must travel at the legal speed limit. Only when the guard arrives, and can confirm a crime is in progress, may the alarm company dispatch the police.

How does Eyewitness Surveillance solve this issue?

Eyewitness Surveillance’s alarms have cameras embedded in their motion sensors that take video clips when a “detection event” occurs.  A video is then sent to our 24-hour monitoring station, and the police can then be dispatched.
For more information on verified response, please visit the following websites:
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